Here is the first episode!


Hello World!


Hi everyone! Welcome to the new website for SCRAMBLED!

SCRAMBLED! is a show by and about Davis youth. We are still developing the concept, but each show will generally have about three 5-8 minute segments separated by short comical or informational pieces. Everything is produced by youth volunteers from Davis. Topics can be whatever the team decides, but we do try not to jar the viewers too much, jumping between serious topics and humor (for instance).  The show runs about 28 minutes and we are trying to get one out a month.  As soon as everyone is comfortable with the process we'll try to bump that up to twice a month, then once a week. Anyone who is a youth in Davis can contribute!

We have shot the first episode and are in the process of editing it.  Look for it to be posted next week! If you'd like to get involved helping to produce the show or to contribute segments check out the Contact The Team page.